Feedback From Delegates

“We had Ofsted in June (2017) and got ‘good’ – they loved our SEN practices, which can be attributed to help from you!” – Deputy Head – St Helens


First feedback from delegates to our Spring Term 2018 morning CPD course –  “Emotional Wellbeing”.

“Brilliant and insightful – thank you”

“Fab delivery and guest speaker. A packed day with learning and laughter”.

“Using own experiences and emotional intelligence to unpick the root behind behaviour in children”

“The content and pace of the course was excellent”

“A great course….I thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Given me a greater focus on behaviour and the meaning behind this with solutions to help”

“Everything was most useful – thank you”

“A very engaging session”

“Very insightful”

“Seeing the graphics used and how these could be adapted to my practice”

“Very Insightful”

“Full of great ice-breakers”

First feedback from delegates to our Spring Term 2018 afternoon SEND Forum featuring “Chairing Meetings”.

“Chairing meetings was so useful. Great to be able to have a ‘fly on the wall’ view. I will definitely be using the strategies!”

“Superb! Lots of new ideas and elements of training to take back”

“How to examine chairing meetings and how to deal with tricky situations”

“Really informative – a great chance to discuss with SENDCO’s from different clusters and LA’s”

“The practical elements of the course kept interest high and enjoyable”

“Thank you – a very useful, resourceful and practical day”

“Looking a chairing meetings from the ‘outside-in’ was most useful”

“Some good ideas for staff meetings”

“The ‘every teacher is a teacher of SEN’ is a great tool to deliver to staff”

“I always love the SEND Updates….as I leave with a focus to drive through school”.

Feedback from delegates to our Autumn Term 2017 Inclusion Forums:

The morning course: 

  • “All extremely useful – will be using resources and slides provided to deliver INSET and CPD to staff”
  • “A fantastic course – to be recommended”
  • “Some top tips for the classroom”
  • “Fantastic course, so much information given I can share with other members in school”
  • “Practical advice and activities that can be easily incorporated”
  • “Really interesting and informative”
  • “Super-practical ideas to put in place in the classroom”
  • “Brought EAL back to the front of my mind”
  • “Lots of ideas for all pupils”
  • “Engaging session”
  • “Really engaging and fun!”
  • “Really enlightening – something new”
  • “We don’t have any EAL children but lots of great ideas for all children” 
  • “Very engaging”
  • “Practical activities and ideas which can be so quickly implemented by all”
  • “Very interesting and helpful. Clearly explained”
  • “Made me think form the side of the EAL child/person”
  • “All excellent. Loads to take back to school and share”
  • “So helpful”
  • “Hands on, interactive with some excellent ‘thinking points”
The afternoon SEND forum:
  • “Fantastic as ever! Zena makes our SENCO life much easier!!”
  • “Excellent as always – informative, relevant and ready to take away and implement”
  • “Fantastic resources advised and background information supplied”
  • “Lots of great ideas and information to reflect on and implement in school”
  • “Great information, ideas and resources for mental heath education”
  • “The Mental Health session, the updates and resources were great!”
  • “Lovely solution and way to deal with bullying”
  • “Fitted in perfectly with the priority for our SDP in school”
  • “Great practical advice”
  • “SEP log – marvellous idea!”
  • “SEP logs are fantastic….thank-you Zena!”
  • “SEP logs – a very easy and time saving system to store all SEN paperwork in an efficient way”
  • “Practical strategies for children in regards to to mental health and how best to support”
  • “Mind Matters and how to introduce across the school”
  • “Practical solution-focused strategies”
  • “Lots of useful resources and ideas”
  • “SEP logs – just what I need!”
  • “Strategies for bullying will be very useful. We have previously used restorative justice but this seems more positive”
  • The idea of the SEP plan was really interesting”
  • “Useful activity ideas on well-being”
  • “Mental health tools to use with children and the practical ideas for dealing with bullying were most useful”
  • “Really lovely atmosphere and lots of useful information”
  • “Always so relevant, current and useful”


​​​​​​​​​​​​99.6% of delegates attending our Autumn Term 2016 Forums said they were ‘very likely‘ to recommend the Forum to a colleague.​​

… what did the other 0.4% say??……….‘probably’!! 


What delegates have said about the 2016-2017 year Inclusion Forums:

“All the course was amazing” – SENCO, Salford

“The updates help me get ready for OFSTED” – Assistant Head/SENCO, Manchester

“Very relevant to our school, lots to take back, fab hidden webpage and resources to look at. Brilliant” – SENCO, Cheshire

“Inspirational course – thank you!” – SENCO, Hull

“Very clear explanations, hands on practical, good schemes to use, lots of examples and ideas” – TA, Cheshire

“Really informative – exactly what I’ve been trying to find” – EYFS Teacher, Salford

“Very useful with lots of practical and handy options to take back and implement” – SENCO, Salford

Staff have said the training provided by Zena on maths was fantastic and the videos were brilliant too” – Deputy Headteacher and SENCO, Cheshire​

“I have learnt lots to take back to try at school and disseminate to staff” – Assistant Head, Hull

“Lots of great ideas which can be implemented in the classroom immediately” – Subject Leader, Cheshire

“Fabulous and informative. Updates and invaluable knowledge and research that Zena produces to help me fulfil my role” – Inclusion Manager, Salford

“Very clear, engaging, concise with practical advice and resources” – Headteacher, Salford

“I came away with lots of useful and valuable resources to use both with mainstream and SEN children” – SEN TA

“I found Zena very supportive and approachable” – SENCO, Hull

“I always enjoy your training – all useful -as always! – Teacher, Warrington

“Thorough knowledge delivered in an interesting and accessible way” – Deputy/SENCO, Cheshire

“ILN courses are always very worthwhile and full of thought provoking content” – Deputy, Salford

“Always good, the hidden webpages are extremely useful” – SENDCO, Warrington

“Very useful and easy to follow” – Inclusion Lead, Oldham

“I knew nothing, but learnt everything” – TA, Cheshire

“As always, this keeps me in the loop. Lots of ideas. Engaging as always” – SENDCO, Rochdale​

“Great session – lots of info shared in a short time” – Deputy Head, Wigan

“Simple resources that we already have in school with great ideas to support children’s development and understanding” – Assistant Head, Calderdale

“The broad range of fantastic suggestions as to how practical resources can be used. An excellent session full of relevant ideas and suggestions. Very enjoyable!” – Assistant Head, Rochdale

“Fantastic presentation by Zena – really useful, practical resources to bring to the classroom” – Inclusion Manager, Wakefield

“Very practical and useful ideas” – SENCO, Blackburn

“Really looking forward to going back to school to share the ideas with staff and children” – SENCO, Cheshire

“Brilliantly delivered – loads we can take back to school. Brilliant to be sign-posted to other useful resources too” – Unit Leader, Rochdale

“Great ideas and downloads to share with staff at school” – SENDCO, Kirklees

“Very informative and intersting as always” – Inclusion Manager, Calderdale

“Really inspired” – SENCO, Hull

“Excellent delivery and very informative. The right balance between teaching and practical” – Educational TA, Kirklees

“Great pace and level of interaction” – Intervention Teacher, Sefton

“Best course to date – thank you” – Inclusion Lead, Oldham.

“Brilliant……engaging, concise, fun, and of course, multi-sensory!” – Headteacher, Salford

“Really enjoyed it….lots of understanding behind it and practical ideas. I can see this making a huge difference to lesson planning and teaching and learning” – Deputy Headteacher and Assessment Leader, Wakefield.

“Fab….as always! Great activities which really clarified the messages” – INCO, Sefton

“Very well presented and interactive…kept me engaged and focused” – Teacher, Halton

“Excellent!….I have never been to one of your courses before but I will be back” – Inclusion Manager, Calderdale.

“Excellent resources, really appreciate the e-copies of the presentation so I can share it back in school” – SENCO, Sefton

“Professional and clearly someone who is still in touch with school life and pressures on teachers” – SENCO, Warrington

“Fantastic Course!….It is really useful that you can access (on-line) all the supporting materials” – EYFS Leader/SENCO, St Helens.

“Excellent – relevant and useful!” – Deputy Headteacher, Oldham

“Inspirational….course tutor brilliant” – Senior Leader, Wakefield

“Good, practical knowledge but embedded in strong theory” – Deputy Headteacher, Sefton.

“First time on this training – loved it! Very informative” – Deputy Headteacher/SENCO, Liverpool.

“Fantastic information – will pass on to rest of school. Very clear and informative….like the idea of having all the resources online” – Y1 teacher, Calderdale.

“Amazing as usual” – SENCO, Rochdale.

“Both sessions were excellent – thank you. Given lots of ways to move forward – the children, staff and myself” – Inclusion Manager, Calderdale.

“Relevant and up to date content with very professional delivery” – SENCO, Hull

“Excellent content and delivery” – SENCO, Halton.

“Excellent delivery and balance of input/discussion/visuals. New information and up-to-date. Will come again” – Deputy Headteacher and SENCO, Cheshire. 

“This is the highlight of my term!” – Deputy Headteacher and SENCO, St Helens

“Very interesting and has motivated me to implement in my teaching. Delivery outstanding!” – Foundation Stage Teacher, Wakefield.

“I’ve found this so useful to update/refresh/see a way forward” – SENCO, Blackburn.

“Fabulous – loved this course. Thank-you – I feel inspired and invigorated” – Deputy Headteacher and SENCO, St Helens.

“The course was structured and delivered in such a way that it was clear, succinct and very useful” – SENCO, Sefton

“Very inclusive, well presented and enjoyable. Informative. Good balance of activities and well resourced” – SENCO, Wakefield.

“Thank you for a very informative afternoon. Good to come away from a SEN course less confused than when I arrived for once” – SENCO, Calderdale.

“A super day….extremely useful! Enlightening!” – SENCO,  Halton

“Really useful and inspiring” – Inclusion Manager, Hull.

“Very inspiring course – lots of ideas to ensure lessons are inclusive to all learners” – SENCO, Cheshire

“Loved it – really made me realise how I can support children and families etc. much, much, much better” – Headteacher, Blackburn.

“Brilliant as ever! Thank you. Very relevant to now.” – SENCO, Sefton

“Cannot put a value on this….brilliant professional development.” – SENCO, Oldham

“Interesting, interactive and drawn from examples or real life” – SENDCO, Warrington

“Fantastic” – Deputy Headteacher, Cheshire

“Wonderful – clear, purposeful & entertaining.” – SEN teacher, Sefton

“Engaging, intersting and fun…but with a vital message to improve whole school teaching” – SENCO, Warrington

 Brilliant – fab content & inspirational” – SENCO, St Helens

“Fantastic course. Can’t wait for the next one.” – SENCO, Sefton

“The course content was so vitally important – I feel clued up about the current SEN climate & what is expected of me within my role.” – Deputy Headteacher, Rochdale

“Inspiring as always” – SENDCO, Warrington