Inclusion Forum Essentials

Inclusion Forum Essentials 2019:

CPD mornings & SEND afternoons 


In response to the tightening of school budgets and at the request of many schools, we are pleased to announce that our new, value-driven Inclusion Forum Essentials is coming to both Wakefield and Winsford, Cheshire.


Our new venues are:

Wakefield: The Children’s Centre, Sharlston Community School, Hammer Lane, Sharlston Common, Wakefield, WF4 1DH on 12th February & 21st May (all Tuesday’s).

Winsford, Cheshire: St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Woodford Lane, Winsford CW7 2JS on 13th February & 22nd May (all Wednesday’s).


Headline agenda’s for the 2019 Inclusion Forum Essentials are below:

Spring Term 2019 morning CPD Course:

New Quality First Teaching Strategies for Whole School Improvement

A wealth of new teaching and learning strategies to enable all learners to achieve curriculum objectives.

  • Teaching and learning strategies that address some of the key objectives of the National Curriculum for English and mathematics
  • Strategies that are rooted in evidence-based specialist approaches for the most complex and disadvantaged learners
  • Based on the principles that, ‘What is good for children with SEN is good for all learners’
  • Adopts a ‘catch all’ approach to teaching and learning
  • Encompasses the components of an inclusive lesson
  • Reduces the reliance on and necessity for intervention
  • Supports easier retention of curriculum content

The phrase ‘Quality First Teaching’ is now well used, but less understood as a concept among primary teachers and SENCOS. I have frequently been asked what it is, what it looks like and should specific teaching methods be employed for it to count as QFT.

The concept of Quality First Teaching is rooted in the teaching and learning techniques that the most complex or disadvantaged learners require. Indeed, much of the current research telling us what works for learners with SEN and disadvantage can be seen reflected in many of the strategies that have long been recommended and applied in a specialist context. This course aims to bring to life the well-known phrase, ‘What is good for children with SEN is good for all learners.’ This means high aspirations for every child in the classroom, not just most.

This course aims to put the ‘flesh on the bones’ of these aspirations, giving a range of clear practical strategies that teachers can adopt immediately in the classroom. Addressing different objectives of the National Curriculum, each strategy shows how elements such as vocabulary development, metacognition, structured discovery, multisensory learning, repetition and much more can be incorporated into mainstream teaching and learning to ‘open the door’ to all learners.

Spring Term 2019 afternoon SEND Forum:

Strong EHC Planning and Applications

Strengthening your systems to ensure effective EHC applications

  • EHCP myth busting
  • Addresses the discrepancies between the legal framework for EHCP and the Code of Practice
  • Knowing when an application meets the requirements of the Children and Families Act (2014)
  • Practical implications for SENCOS and schools
  • Sharing experiences

Also featuring…. 

  • Interventions for Social, Emotional and Mental Health
  • The Role of the Primary Mental Health Worker for Schools and CAMHS

Plus all the usual features including SEND updates’ and ‘Next steps in SEND’

“I always love the SEND Updates….as I leave with a focus to drive through school” 
Inclusion Manager, Salford



Now only £40 for the half day morning CPD course or afternoon SEND forum…..or £80 for all day (both sessions and light lunch).

Many delegates find it useful to attend for the full day, combining the morning CPD course and SEND Forum together.

Some schools send a different delegate in the morning to the afternoon. Some come for just the morning or afternoon. You choose what suits your needs the best.


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