Inclusion Forums 2018-2019 

“We had Ofsted in June and got ‘good’ – they loved our SEN practices, which can be attributed to help from you!” – Deputy Head – St Helens

Inclusive Learning CPD mornings and SEND Forum afternoons

Headline agendas for the 2018-2019 Inclusion Forums:

Autumn Term 2018 morning CPD Course:

Improve Maths Progress by Effective Use of Cuisenaire® at All Ages and Stages

New great ways to use these effective and affordable concrete resources to learn maths at all stages and ages:




  • Not realised the power of Cuisenaire® to build strong number sense?
  • Have Cuisenaire® Rods but not sure what to do with it?
  • Heard of Cuisenaire® Rods but not sure what the point is?
  • Using Cuisenaire® Rods but want more ideas?                   
  • Well….this course is for you!

Each attending school will get a FREE mini-set of genuine Cuisenaire® Rods….worth over £20!

Plus a discount voucher for further genuine Cuisenaire® products.



The influence of maths teaching techniques from the Far East, involving the heavy use of concrete and pictorial mathematical representations, along with bar modelling, is increasing the use of manipulative resources right through the primary years. It is nearly 90 years since Georges Cuisenaire made his first set of simple wooden rods, and they are now more popular than ever in UK schools.

However, there are still many teachers who do not yet feel confident in the use of this resource and will often reach for other manipulatives that appear to give a quicker short-term gain of a correct answer for children. Understanding the long-term learning benefits of Cuisenaire is a vital lesson for every teacher of mathematics, whether new or experienced. For some children, this needs to be their ‘number one go-to resource’ to help them make sense of the number system. This course will help you understand how and why.


Autumn Term 2018 afternoon SEND Forum:

Interventions that Make a Difference

Getting the balance between delivering interventions and remaining inclusive


Plus all the usual features including:

SEND updatesThe latest headlines on policy, best practice, research and resources.

and ‘Next steps in SEND’ featuring Mentally Healthy Schools Resources

“I always love the SEND Updates….as I leave with a focus to drive through school” 
Inclusion Manager, Salford


Spring Term 2019 morning CPD Course:

New Quality First Teaching Strategies for Whole School Improvement

A wealth of new teaching and learning strategies to enable struggling learners achieve curriculum objectives.




Spring Term 2019 afternoon SEND Forum:

Strong EHC Planning and Applications

Strengthening your systems to ensure effective EHC applications


Plus all the usual features including SEND updates’ and ‘Next steps in SEND’


Venues and dates – 2018-2019

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Our aim is to provide all attending delegates of our Inclusion Forums with the slideshows, handouts and resources required, so that you can deliver the same course back in your own school. Indeed, many delegates have reported successfully doing so. We achieve this by providing delegates with access to hidden web pages that contain all the necessary resources to download.

Our copyright terms are that attending delegates are free to use all the materials provided within their own school only. Please contact us if you would like to share with clusters of schools, teaching school alliances or MATs.